How it Works

Make An Offer

Make a fair opening offer for the domain to the domain owner.

Negotiate with Owner

We will connect with the owner, or enable you to negotiate directly.

Reach an Agreement

Negotiate and reach a deal to buy the perfect domain name for a great price.

Complete and Transfer

Submit payment for the domain and transfer your new domain name to the domain registrar of your choice.

You can make an offer on any domain advertised on 100% for FREE. However as The Domain House is also a leading Domain Name Brokerage And Negotiation Platform, additionally we offer our clients an exclusive domain agent sourcing and buying service. Where an experienced domain buying agent acting on your behalf will identify a domain name owner, assess the domain availability and negotiate the best price for the domain sale.

For this professional service The Domain House will charge buyers a token amount of £25, to initiate the service, to show that your interest is serious and to subsidise our initial management costs. This also helps to engage the domain owner as we pay the owner £15 just for entering into negotiation with you.
* No-one else in the domain marketplace offers this kind of service!

We stand behind our services: We have some of the most experienced domain buying agents in the industry and are 'the only service provider' to offer this guarantee: If we are unable to contact the domain seller and present your offer we will return your fee, or provide a free Domain House credit to make a new offer.
*The credit can be used for a different domain name, or to make a new offer on the same domain.

This is one of many reasons why year-on-year people trust us to assist with their negotiations.